Abbott Hollow Sanctuary, Conway, MA

Abbott Hollow Sanctuary

Conway, Massachusetts

Abbott Hollow Sanctuary, Conway, MA

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We would like to acknowledge that this land, which we have vowed to tend and be in relationship with, is located in the unceded ancestral homelands of the Pocumtuc Nation. We offer our gratitude to the Indigenous peoples who have lived here and continue to live in this region. We wish to recognize the ongoing responsibility and relationship we have to the land, its Native and Indigenous stewards and all guests that gather here.

Oh, Mother Earth and Father Sky we are so grateful for the blessings that you bring!
For the lands that feed and sustain us,
For the sacred waters that cleanse us and quench our thirst,
For the fire that ignites the spark of life and transforms all things in its flame
For the air, the wind that is our breath and voice
And for the spirit that surrounds us, penetrating every cell,
connecting us to all dimensions of Creation.

Sanctuary tours are by appointment ONLY

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